call for workshops

NeNa 2018 will host a number of workshops to provide a casual framework for discussing topics of interest or valuable experiences, teaching and learning methods or scientific survival skills.

You know how to use a specific software or technique that could be useful to others? You can draw the prettiest neurons? You have a crazy idea of how to change the face of science forever? You want to participate in the dance your PhD – contest and need a bunch of extras? Then apply for teaching a workshop at NeNa! For GTC-students, teaching a workshop counts as active participation in NeNa, which earns credit points and exempts you from the conference fee.

If you don’t want to teach a workshop yourself, but you have an idea of a workshop that you would love to see, let us also know – we might be able to find someone to teach it.

Workshops should:

  • be vaguely related to or relevant for neuroscience or science in general
  • fit in a timeslot of about 30-90 minutes
  • be taught in Schramberg on one of the three days of NeNa2018 (September 24-26)
  • be designed for about 10-30 participants, as we will likely have two workshops in parallel.

To give you an idea of whether your dream workshop fits in, here is a list of a few topics we had in the past:

  • Preparing figures with Adobe Illustrator
  • Reference Management Tools
  • Hike with Mike, Visual Illusions
  • Giving Presentations
  • Entrepreneurialism & Startups

And another list of topics we haven’t had so far, but that come to our mind as potentially interesting:

  • Applying for grants
  • Find the right Postdoc / PhD / lab / academic career
  • Reproducibility / p-hacking / scientific conduct
  • Git & version control
  • Open Science / Preregistration / …
  • What do we need to understand the brain?
  • Diversity in Science
  • Science & Sustainability

Don’t hesitate to apply – at this point there is no need for a fully worked-out workshop. Just hit us with your idea, and we can work together to figure out whether your idea fits in and how to make it a success.

To apply, just drop a line to